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A multifaceted, customer-oriented workplace 
Flokk is a multifaceted workplace, which requires a variety of professions and competence. Around this we have built a company based on shared values and culture. The most important thing we agree on is the customers' need for good seating solutions through the vision: To make the world a better place to sit.

We seek enthusiastic, talented employees
Competence must be the key factor if we are to continue developing and delivering high quality seating solutions. We have employees who create the products through innovation, design and production. We have employees who get the products out to the end-users through marketing and sales. We have employees who provide support for these processes through management, administration, financial management and IT. If your skills match any of these areas, we would be pleased to receive your application for future vacant positions. The most important additional things we demand are enthusiasm and a desire to work as part of a team.

We want to live as we teach
We develop good seating solutions for the workplace through our HÅG, RH, BMA and RBM brands. Working with the workplaces of today and tomorrow comes with responsibilities. We have to live as we teach. Therefore we particularly welcome employees who in addition to the relevant competence and enthusiasm, also want to help develop a company characterised by innovation and Scandinavian values.

Positions vacant

Open applications can be sent to application@flokk.com

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