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Corporate responsibility

At Scandinavian Business Seating we have the overall idea that we have a responsibility beyond making money, namely to take care of nature and the people who are involved.

We aspire to be an environmentally conscious market player whose products, services and processes generate minimal greenhouse gas emissions, do not present a risk to health, and result in minimal waste. The group intends to be a responsible member of society and our employees shall demonstrate ethical awareness. These attitudes must permeate everything we do, throughout the value chain.

At Scandinavian Business Seating, we shall be recognised by our core values: customer focus, innovation and focus on results. This presumes that we are capable of creating a culture of innovation, a strong focus on our customers, and goal-oriented work to achieve results. Our corporate culture will provide a basis for commitment and understanding and give direction to all of our employees. It is intended to contribute towards a good working environment that provides added value for our employees, customers and owners.

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