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Strong Scandinavian roots
The company was founded in June 2007 and changed its name to Scandinavian Business Seating in the autumn of 2008, following an integration and consolidation process in 2007 between Norwegian HÅG, Swedish RH Form and Danish RBM.

Common to all is the fact that they were strong, privately owned and founded companies with long traditions within the development, production and marketing of office chairs in Scandinavia and Europe.

HÅG has a history going back to 1943, RH to 1977 and RBM to 1975.

The companies' group administration, production, logistics and purchasing as well as marketing and sales within Scandinavia underwent an integration process during 2007/2008. At the same time HÅG, RH and RBM have continued as separate brands, owned by Scandinavian Business Seating.


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