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Lars I. Røiri
Lars I. Røiri (b. 1961)

Joined Scandinavian Business Seating (HÅG) in 1999 and
was appointed Managing Director in 2001. Became CEO of
Scandinavian Business Seating when the group was formed
in June 2007. MSc in Business. Previously worked at Tomra,
Saba-Mölnlycke, Jordan and Coloplast Norge.

Eirik Kronkvist-Olsen
Eirik Kronkvist (b. 1969)
Chief Financial Officer/CFO

Responsible for the accounts, finances, legal and IT. Joined in
2010. Bachelor in Business Administration and MBA in strategic
management. Previous experience from Compaq Computer
Norge, Hewlett Packard Norge and Steria.

Patrik Röstlund
Patrik Röstlund (b. 1970)
Senior Vice President Manufacturing & Purchasing Operations

Responsible for production, procurement and logistics.
Joined in 2010. Holds a Bachelor in Business Administration.
Previously worked at Saab Automobile and General Motors.

Lillevi E. Øglænd Ivarson
Lillevi E. Øglænd Ivarson (b. 1964)
Senior Vice President HR & Organisation Development

Responsible for the HR function. Joined in 2007. MSc in
Business. Previously worked at Hydro and Yara.

Christian E. Lodgaard
Christian Eide Lodgaard (b. 1970)
Senior Vice President Products & Brand Concepts

Responsible for product development, marketing, environment
and CSR. Joined in 2007. MSc in Science and previously worked
at Hydro Aluminium Automotive.

Frederik Fogstad
Frederik Fogstad (b. 1965)
Senior Vice President Global Partner Organisation (GPO)

Responsible for sale to markets outside Europe. Joined in 2013.
Education and experience from the Norwegian Armed Forces.
MSc in Business. Past experience from Varier Furniture AS,
Kunde & Co, INTERSPORT, Kellogg’s, Middelfart and Coca Cola.

Ketil Årdal
Ketil Årdal (b. 1970)
Senior Vice President Commercial Operations

Responsible for sales in Europe. Joined in 2012.
Training and experience from the Norwegian Armed Forces. Holds
a diploma from BI / Varehandelens Høyskole and has completed
business programmes at the London Business School and the IMD
in Lausanne. Past experience from Kellogg’s, Findus and Duni.

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