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"When it comes to task chairs, no manufacturer takes the environmental effects of its materials and processes more seriously than Scandinavian Business Seating.

As a company and a manufacturer of high- end office seating, we are acting now. Globally, perhaps the difference we are making today is modest. But our mission - as our products, name and philosophy grow increasingly familiar in the market - will help seed other initiatives and inspire others to change their behaviour."

Atle Thiis-Messel, Vice President Environment

Pioneer in sustainability

Scandinavian Business Seating’s quality standards are high. Products are tested in accordance with a number of international quality standards for functionality, dimensions, finish and durability. And we always excel. Scandinavian Business Seating is also resolved to pioneer a sustainable development. Every Scandinavian Business Seating chair is designed and manufactured according to five basic life cycle principles.

Our basic principles of sustainability:

  1. 5III-logoLow weight
  2. Few components
  3. Good materials
  4. Long lifetime
  5. Cradle to cradle closed lifecycles

Minimized environmental impact:

  1. Lowest possible ”Carbon footprint”
  2. No toxic chemicals
  3. Reduced use of non-renwable resources
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