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HÅG SoFi with full pay-off at design Day 2013


The new office chair from Scandinavian Business Seating, HÅG SoFi, was awarded two prizes by the Norwegian Design Council: The Award for Design Excellence and the Environmental Award.

HÅG SoFi, which was launched at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2013, received the Award for Design Excellence and the Environmental Award, which is a recognition from the Norwegian Design Council given to companies that make the best use of design to create innovative products and solutions.

"The Award for Design Excellence is a mark of quality in our industry. We are very proud and honoured to receive it and the Environmental Award. This award emphasises that our continuous focus on innovation is justified and essential to success. Scandinavian Business Seating has focused on the environment and has pushed the boundaries for environmentally friendly production for years, and this has given us credibility in the market", says Lars I. Røiri, CEO, Scandinavian Business Seating.

HÅG SoFi was developed in collaboration with Frost Product and Power Design, and is based on extensive research on work trends and ergonomics.

A future classic
HÅG is known for a holistic approach to design, with a special focus on user experience. HÅG SoFi, which is characterised by a high visual and physical comfort, is no exception: the user is kept in near-constant movement but is nevertheless supported in perfect balance. The chair has innovative functions, such as HÅG SlideBack™ armrests, which enable the user to easily move the armrests aside when necessary. Additionally, the design emphasises smart functions that make it possible for the chair to be adapted to different users quickly and easily, while also giving immediate comfort through generous contact surfaces. The name HÅG SoFi is inspired by the visual and aesthetic concept for the chair: "Stand out and Fit in". A large range of choices in colours and textiles mean that the customer can easily make individual adaptations to the chair so that it fits into many different environments.

The jury stated: "A Formula 1 presentation in industrial design, where every detail has been considered. HÅG has gathered every aspect of their office chairs and taken everything a step further. There is a high level of complexity in the product, but this is neither visible nor apparent to the user. The settings are tucked away in an elegant, classic shape. The chair is suitable as a personal office tool with very good ergonomics, and fits into large and international office environments seamlessly."

Environmental pioneer
The Environmental Award is a high-ranking award that the Norwegian Design Council awards annually to one company whos design has had a significant impact on not just the manufacture of a product, but also the lifetime environmental impact of that product. HÅG SoFi lives up to HÅG's established reputation as a true pioneer within sustainability and environmentally friendly products. It also has the smallest carbon footprint of comparable chairs in the market.

The jury emphasised this, and said: "HÅG also has an advanced and thorough environmental profile, with extensive use of recycled materials and closed-loop material cycles."

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