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RH introduces RH Mereo


RH introduces a task chair which is both a work tool and a business tool.

RH Mereo is crafted to improve your individual performance as well as the performance of the whole workplace. It is easily adapted for everyone, whatever your size or shape. This makes it a personal chair as well as a chair for the wider office. In RH Mereo the 2PP™ principle brings active sitting to everyone. Easy adjustments are all it takes. RH Mereo fuses innovation, functionality, usability and design. Inside and out. You are invited to adjust to a perfect work mode. All day, every day.

RH Mereo. A story about human centred design
RH has a mission. To bring ergonomics back into the office. Together with the worldwide renowned design agency Veryday we set out to craft a task chair that would both meet the needs of the individual and the needs of the workplace. This thorough and rewarding collaboration resulted in the fusion of functional and visual design with dynamic ergonomics. We are proud to introduce RH Mereo, a working tool and a performance tool helping you and your company to achieve goals and succeed.

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