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Our brands

Common Core
The four brands owned by Scandinavian Business Seating share a common core. These four brands are deeply rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition and they all share the same Scandinavian values and a common Scandinavian identity:

  • The most environmentally sound products in the business
  • A balance between good ergonomics and aesthetics
  • Human-centred functional design
  • The right quality at the right price



The HÅG Movement
HÅG chairs aim to change the concept of sitting. They follow the movement of your body without you even having to think about it and encourage you to move throughout the day. This is what we mean when we talk about balanced sitting that keeps you moving. The HÅG movement is based on our philosophy that the human body is not made for sitting still, but for movement and variation.




Designed for Human Performance
The human body is a miracle and with the right tools, it can achieve wonderful things. All our chairs take into account the human body’s need to move and maintain an upright posture so that you breathe better. Our chairs are tools, crafted to keep you feeling at your best. In other words, they encourage active sitting and increase performance at work.



Work Healthy – Sit Smart!
At BMA Ergonomics we combine our knowledge and expertise in the field of ergonomics and biomechanics with technology and sustainability. We study the ever changing workplace and understand the requirements and needs of the individual office worker. The Axia® Smart Seating System makes users aware of their posture when seated and actively supports them. It is our mission to improve posture in the office workplace and make sure that everyone achieves a healthier way of working.




Vitalising space and relations
We all know that the environments we find ourselves in can affect us and the way we behave. That is why it is so important to create rooms that inspire us and keep us focused.  At RBM, we recognize this and create products that have a positive effect on people.


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