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RH - Designed for human performance

The human body is an anatomical miracle. And the better care we take of it, the better we perform.

That is as true when it comes to sporting activities as it is for when we are carrying out what we might assume are the most routine of tasks, such as sitting. When we sit in a chair that takes into account our body’s natural ease of movement, we breathe better. When we breathe better, it’s easier for us to concentrate and we perform better. Our 2PP™ philosophy is based on the body's need for movement and maintaining an upright posture so that the blood can be oxygenated properly. Companies and employees with the best working conditions also deliver better results on the bottom line.

This is 2PPTM

2PP™ refers to two articulation points – pivot points – in your hips and knees. In RH Mereo the two action points of the chair corresponds perfectly with your pivot points. This helps the body to maintain an upright posture and the natural lumbar s-curve. At the same time facilitating a varied and movable seating position without affecting basic adjustments such as seating, armrests and back height.

2pp.jpgWith the chair’s movement points located near the knee and hip joints you can sit comfortably reclined with feet on the floor and good lumbar support, not having to adjust the height of the seat or the backrest. Creating ergonomic dynamics, empowering you with oxygen and energy. Keeping you at your best. All day, ever day.

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We develop chairs with you – the person who will sit in them – as our starting point. We have done it like this since Rolf Holstensson started RH in 1977 in Bodafors, the Småland region of Sweden (we also get our name from Rolf).

He had bad experiences while sitting and working, and he also noticed that more and more people around him suffered from strain and stress injuries for that very reason. And things didn't get better with the advent of the computer. But oddly enough, there were no work chairs around that addressed the problem.

True to the inventive spirit of Småland, Rolf took matters into his own hands and developed an office chair that made it easy to maintain an upright posture, provided good relief and encouraged active sitting. And the chair was easy to use. Thus the first RH Chair was born – which actually became something of a revolution. Since then, we have launched many more solutions and chairs.

Today we are known by ergonomics professionals, physiotherapists and other experts both in Sweden and abroad. We even have a technology, 2PP™, that puts our philosophy into practice. And so that our chairs are as great to look at as they are to sit on, we work together with some of Sweden's leading designers. And naturally we take our responsibility for the environment very seriously. That is why our chairs are recyclable down to the last detail.

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