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Canteen and conference chairs

Canteen and conference chairs that works just as well around the meeting table, in the conference room or in the canteen.

  • Time spent in meeting rooms can often represent more of a burden than normal office time, for example. For this reason, all rooms should be filled with meeting room chairs that inspire variation and movement. HÅG Conventio is the chair that is revolutionising seating comfort standards, not only in meetings and conferences but also in places such as canteens, cafés, libraries and homes.

  • A dynamic chair specially designed for meetings and conferences. The built-in rocking mechanism inspires variation and movement, enhancing your colleagues’ and audience’s blood circulation, mental focus and performance. HÅG Conventio Wing is made from light materials than can cope with rough treatment. Its easy maintenance makes the chair particularly well suited for use in places such as schools, universities, libraries, canteens, cafés, meeting rooms, hotels and conference centres. The wing-shaped back also gives the chair an attractive appearance. The chair can be stacked 10-15 chairs high. Placing out neat rows of chairs is made easy by the linking mechanism. The seat and back of the HÅG Conventio are available in six different colours: Black, white, grey, red, yellow-green and blue-grey. A stable lightweight chair that is easily placed out and stacked away.

  • RBM Ana is a popular choice throughout much of Scandinavia, and abroad. Hence, it’s one of our bestsellers. Designed by renowned industrial designer Tias Eckhoff, it fuses simplicity with good ergonomics, and famously fits in anywhere. Creating a buzz in assembly halls, meeting rooms and cafeterias, it’s proven to be a smash hit.

  • An inspiring chair in a classic design. Timeless and modern design that makes a stylish mark on all environments. The chair is stable and comfortable. Works just as well around the dining table, meeting table or in the conference room. Easy to use, stackable and may also be linked together. Moulded coloured plastic shell, with or without padding. Available in leather. Available with different bases and with or without armrests.

  • RBM Bella is true flexibility. A chair that can be used in all circumstances and in any company. In a conference hall or around a canteen table. Clean, simple lines that are designed for a stylish environment. The high, slightly curved back provides good ergonomic support. RBM Bella is easy on the eye and will provide years and years of service. The chair is available in laminate or in different wood types, with several stain or lacquer colours. With or without armrests and padding.

  • RBM Low-back Bella is an extension and further development of the existing chair collection; RBM Bella. Both models and RBM Ana are designed by Tias Eckhoff, one of the most acknowledge Scandinavian industrial designers.

    As the name indicates, the new RBM Low-back Bella collection features lower back height than the classical RBM Bella, and a generous, but slim, light and open form expression, with a strong appeal. The chair is designed for stability and solidity, making it well-suited for all users in various environments in conferences, canteens, meetings e.g.

    A characteristic «wing» shape on the top of the back, serves as a comfortable armrest and a practical handle when moving the chair. The reknowned comfort and ergonomy from RBM Bella is kept in the new model, through large and well sculpted surfaces in seat and back.

    RBM Lowback Bella comes with veneer shells in birch, beech and oak, besides 5 delicate CPL laminate colours, including a new grey colour. The models have 4 legged frames in silver and black paint, and chrome. RBM Low-back Bella is available as unupholstered, seat upholstered or in front inside upholstered versions.

  • The RBM Noor is the result of an innovative design collaboration between the designers: Form Us With Love, StokkeAustad, Grønlund Design and the Flokk design team. Its distinctive shape, eco-credentials and exceptional comfort have made it a contemporary classic. Available in a range of styles and fully customisable, this versatile chair has received a clutch of awards including the Red Dot Design Award shortly after launching.

  • RBM Noor Up is a medium high sledgebase chair within the popular RBM Noor collection. The RBM Noor was originally developed through a unique collaboration between the Scandinavian designers StokkeAustad, Form Us With Love, Grønlund Design and Scandinavian Business Seating. StokkeAustad has now taken the design further with RBM Noor Up. RBM Noor Up has the same contemporary classic design as the other RBM Noor models. The characteristic Scandinavian identity, rich colours, functionality and high usability create stunning social areas. RBM Noor Up is ideal for use in break-out areas, coffee bars and meeting areas in various environments, being in open offices, canteens, private homes and places where people meet to socialise and interact.

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