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Meeting and visit chairs

Meet a wide range of meeting and visit chairs easily combinable with every purpose, room or environment.

  • HÅG Futu Communication is a stylistically pure and elegant visitor’s chair – primarily designed as a complement to the HÅG Futu office chair. The chair is designed for short-term seating and therefore offers no setting alternatives, although the flexibility of the seat means that the chair offers a rocking function. Although HÅG Futu Communication is a simple visitor’s chair, it nonetheless embodies most aspects of HÅG’s unique seating comfort and ergonomic principles. The chair’s timeless design allows it to fit in well in any office environment and alongside office chairs other than HÅG Futu. HÅG Futu Communication builds on the environmental concept of the office chair and is made from select environmentally friendly materials. Fully 97% of the chair is recyclable and, at the end of its useful life, it can easily be disassembled without any special tools.

  • HÅG H04 Communication is perfect, not only as a visitor’s chair but also as a seating solution for meeting rooms. HÅG H04 Communication is a meeting room chair to match your office chair.

  • HÅG H05 Communication visitor’s chairs complete the HÅG H05 family. The unique rocking mechanism encourages movement and variation in the same way as the office chair. This is the ideal visitor’s chair to match your office chair. It is also well suited to meeting rooms or anywhere else where people work in groups.

  • Attract, captivate, inspire. The HÅG SoFi Communication is designed to be customised. Ranging in appearances from subtle, refined and coherent to expressive and daring. There is a wide variety of models, materials and colours to choose from and combine. Uniqueness and wide appeal, the HÅG SoFi collection has it all. It collects and perfects all the best design features representative of the HÅG brand. Experience HÅG SoFi. Ranging in appearances from quiet to expressive it can stand out and fit in any work environment. Adding style or simply adding presence, according to your needs. Sitting in a HÅG SoFi its progressive shapes create a sense of privacy as well as space for collaboration. At the core, the BalancedMovementMechanism™ answers to your slightest move and keeps you in balanced and continuous motion. The innovative HÅG SlideBack™ features a comfortable armrest. Levers and handles are intuitively placed, easy to find and to adjust. HÅG SoFi has it all. It is a manifestation of holistic Scandinavian design. The best of ergonomics, sustainability, quality and visual design in a complete package. Prepare for a small revolution.

  • The RH Visit is a visitor's chair for more informal settings or the perfect complement to your office chairs. Office furnishings that are as nice to look at as they are to use.

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