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HÅG Futu Communication

HÅG Futu Communication is a stylistically pure and elegant visitor’s chair – primarily designed as a complement to the HÅG Futu office chair. The chair is designed for short-term seating and therefore offers no setting alternatives, although the flexibility of the seat means that the chair offers a rocking function. Although HÅG Futu Communication is a simple visitor’s chair, it nonetheless embodies most aspects of HÅG’s unique seating comfort and ergonomic principles. The chair’s timeless design allows it to fit in well in any office environment and alongside office chairs other than HÅG Futu. HÅG Futu Communication builds on the environmental concept of the office chair and is made from select environmentally friendly materials. Fully 97% of the chair is recyclable and, at the end of its useful life, it can easily be disassembled without any special tools.

  • The HÅG Futu Communication 1070 is an elegant visitor's chair, designed to match the HÅG Futu office chair. It has a slight backwards tilt that allows for active sitting and can be stacked four high.

    Article number  1070



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