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Swivel chairs for production

Our swivel chairs for production are made with a design strategy that we call functional design. This affects ergonomics, comfort, choice of materials and, of course, durability and the environment.

  • A chair that is used all day long naturally needs to be extra comfortable and durable. RH Logic 400/300 24 hour has an extra wool layer in the seat and back to enhance ventilation and comfort. Current upholstery options are either leather or 24/7. Otherwise the control room chair has the same features as the standard chair. This means that the fabric and the pads can be changed easily. RH Logic 400/300 Elite is tested and approved to EU standards SS EN-1335:2009. The guarantee period has been increased to five years.

    That is why we are confident you will find that the RH Logic 400 Elite or Logic 300 Elite is the ideal chair for any demanding 24 hour working environment. No wonder it is the first choice for high performance organisations around the world, including emergency services, transport control centres, offshore installations and trading rooms.

  • RH Activ follows your slightest body movement – comfortably as well as ergonomically. The RH Activ’s unique movements encourage core muscle activity, essentially benefiting the user with increased alertness and wellbeing. Furthermore, the Activ’s simplicity and ease of use makes it the preferred product for most office set-ups, including desk sharing. The Activ can also be specified as a clean-room or ESD chair, which opens up a myriad of possibilities for this truly unique product. The fact that it is also among the very best of environmentally sound chairs available makes this an even more compelling proposal.

  • RH Activ Cleanroom is a range of work chairs for cleanroom settings. RH Activ Cleanroom follows your slightest body movement – comfortably as well as ergonomically. Since it – just like every one of our chairs – is based on 2PP™, our philosophy on active sitting. This work chair comes in two basic models + two ESD/Cleanroom models.

  • RH ESD chairs are designed to effectively discharge static electricity for use in areas where this is required, e.g. the electronics industry. Electric discharge is through the backrest, the seat, the gas stem and base down through the castors and to the floor. The chairs are approved in line with SP method 2472. To work effectively the chair should be used in an ESD-adapted environment.

  • A range of work chairs especially developed for those who need extra relief for backs and legs when working in a standing position. The RH Support can also be used for lower working positions. The seat and backrest angles can be adjusted continuously. The wide range of accessories enables flexible adjustment to individual requirements and work tasks. The models 4526, 4506 and 4516 are also available in ESD-approved designs.

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